Arise. Skyn

Erectile dysfunction is taboo. Yet, according to the American College of Physicians, 1/3 of men ages 18-35 will suffer erectile dysfunction by 2020. As a leader in the conversation about intimacy, Skyn wanted to break that taboo for the launch of its own pill. We imagined an object people would talk about, an object that stands up by itself, no matter what. A simple pillbox, a perfect illustration of the pill's effect. No words, no storytelling needed.

A design by Jean-Baptiste Fastrez.


“An embarrassment-free pill.” — THE NEW YORK TIMES
“Skyn arise dispels any complex.” — CAMPAIGN US
“It’s a new era for intimacy.” — COSMOPOLITAN
“A unique, sleek, eye-friendly pill case.” — BROBIBLE

2019 GRAND PRIX STRAT Gold - Pharma
2019 FRENCH ART DIRECTOR CLUB Bronze - Innovation